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Icon Time Systems Network Pin Entry Employee Time Clock Package



PIN Entry Package

Used By Over One Million Employees Daily

No BAdges Required!

50 Employee Network Pin Package is $804

Choose From 50 or 100 Employee Capacity

The PIN Entry is an employee time clock package that comes complete with everything you need to simplify your employee timekeeping and payroll process. The PIN Entry automates the recording, calculating and reporting of employees' hours. Export your timekeeping data directly to QuickBooks, ADP, PayChex, ASCII or Excel. Additional popular payroll program exports available, please call for details.

No BAdges Required: Never buy badges again! Employees clock IN and OUT using their own unique 3 to 9 digit personal identification number (PIN).

Portable Operation: A permanent connection to a computer is not required. The time clock can function directly connected to a computer using the supplied 50-foot cable or by mounting the time clock where it is most convenient and then carrying it to a PC or laptop to retrieve the data. AC power required.

SEALED CASE & KEY PAD: Keeps out dirt, dust and grime, even in the toughest manufacturing and construction environments.

SUPPORTS MULTIPLE TIME CLOCKS: Add up to 98 additional time clock terminals.  Communicates to PC with the supplies serial cable or a Modem and/or TCP-IP/Ethernet (Optional).

EASY TO USE & MANAGE: Designed specifically for businesses transitioning from mechanical time clocks, hand written time sheets or the honor system.

EASY TO SET-UP:  Begin by attaching the locking wall-mounting bracket to the wall, and then lock the time clock terminal into place with the key. Plug in the power adapter, connect the cable to the time clock and computer, and install the software. That's it!


Choose from 50 or 100 employee capacity
Password protected
Payroll Exports Included: QuickBooks, ADP, PayChex, ASCII, Excel (additional popular payroll program exports   available, please contact us for details)
Edit punches, enter tips, and make changes at the time clock or computer

In-Out zones (controls unauthorized overtime by rounding punches) Automatic lunch deduction
Two levels of overtime (daily and weekly)
Time rounding (10th, quarter hour, slant hour or exact minute)

Pay Periods: Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semi-monthly, Monthly and Custom
Pay Codes: Regular time, Overtime, Sick, Holiday and Vacation pay
Choose from 3- to 9-digit employee ID codes
99 user-definable departments, 18 of which can be assigned to each employee
Supports multiple time clocks: Add up to 98 additional time clocks with TCP-IP/Ethernet or modem (Optional)

Reports By: Employee, Department, Wages, Who's In, Timecard, Tardy, Company Totals


Sample Reports: 

Click to view Reports



PIN Entry Time Clock Terminal
TimeSource Lite Network Time & Attendance Time Clock Software

50-foot cable (100-foot cable upgrade available)

AC power adapter
User Guide
Locking wall-mounting bracket with two sets of keys
One-year parts and labor warranty
30-day free technical support



PIN Entry Specifications:

Warranty: One Year Parts and Labor

System Minimum Requirements: Pentium II PC or Laptop; Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, XP Pro & NT

Dimensions:   5.5"H x 6.0"W x 2.0"D
Shipping Weight: 4.3 Pounds

Memory: 3120 Punches
Memory Reserve: 5 year Lithium Battery 

Display: 2 lines; 16-character Backlit LCD
Serial Cable:  RS232 4-Pin Serial Cable

Serial Port Adaptor: DB9 Pin Adapter

Communications: RS232 Port (Ethernet & Modem options available)
Power Voltage: 120VAC, 60HZ
Environment: Operating Temperature: 0 - 70C (32-104F)



Network Pin Entry 50-Employee Time Clock System

Network Pin Entry 100-Employee Time Clock System
100-Foot Cable


Price: $804

Price: $904
Price: $99

Time Clock Upgrades And Options Available - Please Email or call for details 800-255-6446


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