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Hand Punch 1000 Biometric Time Clock Package

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$ 1118

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HP-1000 with 50 user capacity. TimeSource Lite software with 50 user license.

This system best suited for companies with less than 50 users and require only Serial or Optional Modem connection. (price shown is for Serial. Installed Modem is Optional)

About the HandPunch 1000 - Unlike badges, punch cards, or other employee tracking devices, the biometric HandPunch 1000 ensures that no employee can punch in for another, eliminating time fraud and reducing payroll costs.

The HandPunch terminal family by Recognition Systems (RSI) is regarded as the standard in the industry. In fact, no other manufacturer comes close. Combine them with the Icon Time's excellent TimeSource time and attendance software and you have a very powerful biometric time clock system.

The HandPunch 1000 works by analyzing over 90 separate measurements of the hand's length, width, thickness, and surface area. This information is compared against a previously stored "template" in the HandPunch memory. As a result, each user is positively identified. Because it is so accurate and dependable, it is used by nuclear plants, critical government agencies, and leading airports.

About Icon Time - Icon Time was one of the first companies to produce automated time and attendance for small business. They are an excellent choice for range of options, scalablity, and price. Upgrading is simple and fast. Technical questions are often answered by Icon staff quickly and courteously.

Icon Time publishes the powerful TimeSource Lite time and attendance software for Windows®. Simple to install, it greatly reduces time spent on payroll preparation by eliminating calculation of time cards and costly human error. With it you can generate full page reports to manage from a few employees to hundreds (with optional upgrades).

HandPunch 1000 Features:

Hand Geometry Technology - The HandPunch 1000 uses Recognition Systems' field-proven hand geometry biometrics technology. No fingerprints or palm prints are utilized. Green and red lights notify the employee of the status of each punch.

User Capacity - The HandPunch 1000 comes standard with 50 user capacity. Upgrades to 100 and 512 users are available.

Communication Options - The Icon Time HandPunch 1000 System connects to your PC via 50ft RS-232 serial cable. You can also connect via optional dial-up modem.

Icon Hand Punch Package Includes:
- One HandPunch 1000 terminal by Recognition Systems Inc.
- Connect via 50ft RS-232 serial cable (included)
- TimeSource Lite software by Icon Time (TimeSource Full available)
- License for up to 50 employees (100 employees available)
- 30 days FREE technical support from Icon Time
- 1-year factory warranty on hardware

HandPunch 1000 Specifications:
Part Number: HP-1000
Size: 8.85"W x 11.65"H x 8.55"D (22.3 cm x 29.6 cm x 21.7 cm)
Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg)
Power: 12 to 24 VDC or 12 to 24 VAC 50-60 Hz, 7 watts
Temperature Range: 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C)
Relative Humidity: (non-condensing) 5% to 85%
Verification Time: Less than one second
Memory Retention: Up to 5 years via the standard internal lithium battery
Transaction Storage: 5120 transactions
ID Number Length: 1 to 10 digits from keypad or card
User Capacity: 50 users expandable to 512 users
Template Size: 9 bytes
Communications: RS-232, 50 foot cable included
Baud Rate: 300 to 28.8 Kbps
Optional: Operational Battery Backup (BB-200)
Optional: Memory Expansion - 50 to 100 users (EM-701)
Optional: Memory Expansion - 50 to 512 users (EM-702)
Optional: High Speed Internal Modem (MD-500)

TimeSource Lite Software Features:
- Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP
- License for 50 employees (upgrades available)
- Easy to install, online help guides user
- Selectable pay periods (weekly, biweekly semi-month, month, custom)
- Automatic lunch deduct (by department)
- Overtime 1 (define rules by day and/or week)
- Time rounding (10th, quarter hour, or exact minute)
- In-Out zones (controls unauthorized overtime)
- Departments (99 system wide, 18 per employee)
- Individual Add Hours
- Global Add Hours
- Preview reports (view reports on screen)
- Archive data (archive, retrieve, restore or review records)
- Payroll exports - ADP, Paychex, and QuickBooks Pro
- Reports include: time card reports, tardy reports, who's-in reports, department labor reports, summary reports, and more.

Multi-PC Licenses - Licenses are available for simultaneous access to the TimeSource database. They can be purchased for 2-5 PCs, 6-10 PCs, 11-25 PCs, and 26-50 PCs. Please call if you need more than 50.

Optional Software Modules:

Auto Poll - Automatically poll your terminals at a programmed time of day or regularly spaced interval.

Custom Rounding - Offers the ability to customize punch time-of-day to any rounding window. Separate rounding times may be entered for in/out punches. Rounding rules apply to everyone in the database.

Custom Hours - Offers the ability to specify your own custom equation for rounding the hours worked, miniumum hours, maximum hours, or any number of adjustments in between.

> Click here for TimeSource Software brochure. - Adobe Acrobat Reader
> Click here for HandPunch 1000 Terminal brochure. - Adobe Acrobat Reader

Technical support provided by Icon Time Systems:
Systems purchased from Time Clock deals will receive 30-Days FREE technical support from Icon Time Systems. Beyond 30-Days, it is recommended to purchase a support agreement directly from Icon Time Systems. Support options are outlined below.

Icon Time Systems Gold Support
Provides technical support directly to end-user within North America during first 12-month warranty period. User information and serial number registration will be required. Cost is $150 per computer and one terminal. Renewals are available.


Yor cost for the Icon HP-100 Biometric Package is $1118

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